Why To Choose Stripe As Your Online Payment Gateway

Stripe Integration

If you have been running an offline business and now all ready to take it online with a professional website, you might also be in search of an authentic and trustworthy online payment gateway. In this case, you are in luck as we have listed down all the benefits businesses can experience by having Stripe as their payment gateway.

Our experienced team highly suggests using Stripe payment gateway as it’s one of the safest ways to manage your payments online.

So, What Is Stripe?

Stripe is a software that allows businesses and individuals to deal with the payments over the internet. This payment gateway is supportive of online and in-person payments. Furthermore, this feature enriched software is trusted by billion of companies.

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What are the Benefits of Using Stripe as Your Payment Gateway?

An Easy to Use Stripe API

Previously, the payment gateway APIs which were being provided by different companies were inconsistent, faulty and lowly documented. However, when the software made its public appearance, it became famous for its simple, user-friendly and well-grounded API.

It's API allows its users to save a lot of engineering time. It offers an amazing experience unlike some companies which provide complex APIs with various permissions. Due to this, it has caused its competition to boost their game. So, if you want to enjoy Stripe’s easy to use API, integrate payment gateway to manage and deal with your payments smartly.

Accepts Multiple Payment Methods

When it comes to paying for online purchases, people prefer different payment methods. In order to provide customers an effortless shopping experience, businesses are compelled to select a payment gateway that will enable their customers to pay without any complications.

In order to comply with the needs of your customers, you can trust Stripe as it offers multiple payment choices to your customers. This is how; your consumers will be able to pay for the purchases through cards, various currencies, E-wallets, and etc.

Excellent Customer Support

Stripe is able to provide prime consumer service using different channels. It has accessible channels for email support, as well as an IRC channel where developers can take assistance from real engineers through live chat.

Moreover, Stripe even offers credit card data portability. If you choose to leave Stripe, they will aid you with importing the credit card data in a safe and PCI compliant way. Very few companies offer this feature. Stripe customer support surely represents their seriousness and concerns towards clients.

Data Security

Stripe is a platform that takes security very seriously. When it made its debut, its most amazing feature was Stripe.js. This feature allows the credit card data typed into your payment form to be sent directly to Stripe instead of your server.

This is needed in order to be compliant with PCI, and so that a rift in your servers don’t lead to any stolen credit card info.

In a nutshell, Stripe spurs better security for your consumers’ data which is why you need this gateway for your small business.

Bottom Line

Stripe is an efficient payment gateway that saves your time, and also prevents your business from getting stuck in any payment hassles. Its amazing features like credit card data probability and multiple payment methods give it an edge over other companies.

Thus, if you are searching for a reliable plus hassle-free payment gateway for your business, we highly recommend Stripe for you.