Mobile Website: How To Create A Responsive Web Design

Mobile friendly business website

The digital world is growing day by day. People are on their phones and iPads all the time surfing different social media apps and business websites. Thus, having a professional website with mobile responsiveness is not only a great idea, but a necessity.

A mobile friendly website enables you to amplify your business’ visibility, makes it easier for clients to contact you, as well as facilitate your customers with a good browsing experience.

Mobile Website For Fast Loading

Your website’s loading speed matters big time. No matter what changes you bring about on your mobile website, if it lacks loading speed, you won’t get the desired results. If your website takes time to load, there is a very high chance that users will leave.

In order to reduce your website loading time, use a simple design and avoid using heavy images. This will allow your web pages to load faster and provide good browsing experience to visitors.

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Button Sizes Should Be Large Enough to Function on Mobile

With the aid of a mouse, you can click a button of any size. However, it’s much harder to do the same with your finger on the small screen of your phone. This might annoy visitors, who may end up pressing multiple buttons instead of the one they wished to press. The best way to tackle this situation is to use bigger buttons. This improvement will make your website mobile friendly and give your visitors a hassle free experience.

Incorporate an Easy Approach to Convert to Desktop View

A lot of your website visitors may prefer a desktop version, which is why they should be provided with an easy way to switch towards desktop view. This is to be done to enable your visitors to connect with your website in a manner that makes most sense for them.

Enchance Mobile Website By Getting Rid of Pop-Ups

Since pop-ups are such an annoyance to people, it’s better to get rid of them completely from your business website.

The drawback with having pop-ups is that they become very difficult to close on mobile screens. People might end up clicking an ad or some other option whilst trying to close the pop-up, which may cause your user to get irritated.

Thus, it is smart to eliminate the option of pop-ups completely because they are nothing but a hindrance for the users.

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Perform Mobile Website Testing Regularly

One of the ways to ensure that your website is mobile friendly is to regularly test website responsiveness on a tablet or phone, and check whether everything is working perfectly.

Not only is this necessary, but it will also keep you updated with what’s new and whether it will work on your website and look good on it.

If Needed, Redesign Your Website for Better Results

In case, if your business website is outdated and it isn’t mobile friendly, then getting it redesigned by professionals is the best thing you can do for the betterment of your business. If you don’t know where to get started, contact us. Our project managers are always a message away to help businesses establishing their online presence affordably.

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Bottom Line

In this piece, our team has jotted down a few ways that can help you make your website mobile ready. By trying out new ways and making your mobile users a priority, you can allow them to have an effortless browsing experience.

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