How Typography Can Help You Get High-Conversions

Typography, Fonts for business website

Famous bloggers and marketers have been sharing tips and tutorials on achieving a high-conversion rate on your website – such as playing with psychology by crafting the most appealing copy or offering an irresistible freebie to attract subscribers. But there is one more important aspect that can make or break your connection with the audience, and that is “TYPOGRAPHY.”

While visitors are reading what your business website has to offer, they are also experiencing another very important element of your website, which is typography. Thus, paying keen attention towards the style, size, and presentation of your content is as important as writing a result-oriented copy.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Typography

  • Don’t use more than 3 font families on your website
  • Choose one font for your headlines and sub-headlines. You can use the same font for body text and paragraphs in different sizes. But, if you want to pick a different font for the body text, then choose the font that will complement the other fonts on your website.
  • For body copy, pick the sans-serif font or similar as they are optimal for all screens including hand held devices like tablets and phones.
  • For all screens, a good font size for the body and paragraph text is between 15 – 18px.

Why Typography is Essential?

To Keep Customers Focused

Well-formed copy will make sure that the readers’ focus is on the content. With contemporary designed typography, the readability of your content stays clear and crisp. And the clarity of your copy provides better understanding of what your business and services are all about. Thus, it will help you achieve your business goals faster and easier.

Strong Comprehension

Visitors of your website look at your website as a whole while scanning the text, the size of the letters, and length of the lines. The better typography on your website can make the process of understanding and comprehending information effortlessly.

Systematical Hierarchy

Typography can easily make the important element of your business stand out with a variety of style, color, and size. For example: A good way to present benefits or product features is with bullets. Or colors such as blue and green will convey trust.


If you are planning to create a website for your new business or heading towards redesigning a website you own already, do focus on the typography.

You can also contact us for better understanding of typography, as our project managers are always a message away to guide you when it comes to designing, developing, or managing your business website.