Ways to Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Business Website

Keep visitors coming back to website

Getting visitors to your business website is more than half the battle won, but to run a truly successful online business, your website should have loyal clients that visit your pages often. So, start analyzing whether your website is performing great or needs improvement.

When working hard to generate repeat visitors to your site, ask yourself these questions. What elements can keep a visitor on your site? And, once they leave, what can entice them to come back? Study the pages you regularly visit. What do they all have in common? And what made you return to these web pages? The answers of theses question will help you design an ultimate user experience for your customers.

Here are 6 practical strategies to boost customer retention:

Keep Your Website User-Friendly

If your website’s bounce rate is high, it might indicate that your website’s design, layout, or an alignment of content and images failed to impress your visitors. Mostly, websites that keep design and navigation simplest are likely to keep their users engaged. The clear navigation makes it obvious for users to determine where to find information or where to go next.

Responsiveness of your web design also plays a vital role in keeping visitors hooked. Nowadays, people surf websites on the go using their phones, thus make sure that you have a mobile-friendly website.

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Solve a Problem & Get Traffic To Your Website For Free

Think about the sites that you usually return to, do they solve a problem, provide content that helps you, or offer services and products you are looking for? Chances are your answer will be ‘YES.’ Same are the things that your visitors are craving for and if you fail to resolve their problem or query, they will not find you as an authentic source. Understand what your website visitors need and facilitate them accordingly.

Main motive of your business website should be meeting visitors’ requirements. You can catch users’ attention by simply answering industry-related questions via blog post, giving detailed information about the product or service they are looking for, or providing articles, videos, and pictures they will enjoy. Once your web visitors begin to view you as a credible resource, they’ll keep coming back over time.

Feature Deals & Discounts To Increase Website Traffic Fast

If website visitors find no value on your site, they might never return to your site. Whereas, if something on your web saves them time or money, they will be incentivized to return happily. Do a trick, display a deal, promotion or an offer prominently, people love availing discounts and it will entice them to visit your pages regularly.

If you can give your visitors free shipping, a discount, or expedited delivery on a product or service, they will be likely to remember your site and often visit your site to claim the deal. This practice will also let you get new leads because happy customers never mind spreading your offers amongst their colleagues, friends, and family.

Be Memorable

If your visitors can’t remember your business website, most probably, they will never visit your site again. Thus, building your brand identity and having a stunning website design is a necessity.

Make sure your company name and logo are prominently displayed on your website. Content should be legible and relevant. Add images that are sharp and clean, they will not only make your website look more modern and attractive, so they are worth remembering.

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Place Reminders

Don’t leave a return visit up to chance; make sure that your previous website visitors will see you again while surfing. And this can be done with targeted remarketing ads. These ads will showcase your site or products on other websites and social media where your visitors usually stay active. Displaying a product that a visitor previously viewed, displaying a new deal, or spotlighting the type of content they read will create an easy return path to your site. It has the possibility to increase your repeat visitors by over 50% and it may also boost conversions by 51%.

It’s one of the best tactics you can use. It can help you build brand recognition and drive more leads to become sales.

Forge Connections

Connect with your website visitors in more than one place. You can easily find your visitors on social media based on demographics and you can also connect with them via email. How to do it? It’s easy, just use the information provided when a user made a purchase or claimed a deal, this info can be used to make more connections. Send emails or make posts with offers or copy that will attract your users/readers, reply to their comments online, and personalize these interactions to show authenticity.


Things that you enjoy at a certain website are often the same things that your website visitors will enjoy. With the right design, targeted content, and strategic marketing, your first-time visitors can become loyal customers when you focus on meeting their needs in most authentic way.