Affordable Ways To Build A Solid Online Presence From Scratch

How to promote business online

Large businesses around the world are willing to invest heavy sums of money to build a rewarding online presence. However, smaller business or startups have to function with a minimal budget.

While running a small business, you might think that having an online presence will be too expensive. But in reality it won’t, if you plan your online business smartly. Taking your business online with a professional website will enable you to reach a wider audience and earn greater revenues. Even, if you are on a strict budget, there are plenty of ways you can work with to develop an online image for your business.

In this piece, our team has shared six practical guidelines on how to start online business from home. Our aim is to help you compete with big businesses without incurring a lot of costs.

Grow Online Presence With A Business Website

Taking your business online with a professional website is an essential step to grow your audience and revenues. A business website will enable your business to be visible and accessible to the world. Hence, it is important to focus on designing a website that not only incorporates your ideas, but also attracts customers.

SnapWeb can help you design a beautiful and responsive website for your business. Our team of professionals will do all the heavy lifting for you, and will design a website that caters to all your needs.

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Focus on Email Marketing For Better Online Presence

In the simplest terms, email marketing is mailing a commercial message to a bunch of people. It is one of the most effective ways of procuring an online presence.

Email marketing enables you to build a brand, create a reliable communication channel, and gets your business prompt results. Email marketing is a budget friendly way of reaching out to new customers because people tend to visit their inbox daily. So, they are most likely to see your mail. Hence, small businesses should give this approach a try because its results are rewarding.

Engage in Social Media Promotions

Small businesses and startups need to acquaint themselves with social media to stay connected with today’s age. There are various ways with which you can use social media to promote your business and enjoy beneficial outcomes.

Creating profiles on various platforms can help you get a large audience for your services. Alongside this, you need to post suitable content and carry out campaigns to get more followers. You can also partner up with social influencers to boost your business. Thus, promoting your business via social media is a cost-effective way of taking it to the next level.

Online Presence social media marketing

Make it Effortless for Consumers to Contact You

A key feature which businesses should focus on is how to make their users contact them easily. There are various aspects which they could work on to facilitate customers with effortless experience.

A significant part of a business website is a live chat. The best live chat app which you can use is, since it comprises of all the premium features you could think off.

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If you are running a service website, keep your customers at ease with an online booking option. For that matter, get Setmore integrated to your business website. Lastly, you can work on your contact section and make it as elaborate as possible so that your consumers can get in touch with you via phone call or an email.

Set a Secure Online Payment Gateway for Your Consumers

To run a business website successfully, it is crucial to have a safe payment method. To help you select a reliable and best payment gateway, our team highly suggests Stripe.

Stripe supports online, as well as in person payments perfectly. Having a reliable online payment service can make you win customers’ trust and enhance your online presence.

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Impactful Online Presence With Search Engine Optimization

After creating a website, it is necessary to invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Keywords are an essential part of SEO. The reason being that they make it easier for people to find your business website through search engines.

SEO practices like keyword research, link building, and others are mostly free. You just need to have a great SEO mind to manage and deal with search engine algorithms. The use of SEO requires more effort, but less money, and its results are fruitful for your business.

“Note: You won’t need to bear any financial cost here (unless you hire an expert). You will only need to spend time in researching and implementing the SEO techniques.”

Embark Online Presence By Producing Content

Blogs, images, and other web content are the best way to communicate with your visitors and generate some noise. Content helps you establish a brand image and attract potential customers.

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Online Presence Content Marketing


In this article, our team has outlined a few practical approaches, which you can use to grow your business online, especially if you have a strict budget. These measures will help you compete with the big guys and keep the costs low simultaneously.

Don’t forget to share these ideas on your social media, so your friends can also take advantage of them as well.