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Landing Page

Not too sure what to create, but want your website ready to be viewable to your potential customers within 24 hours? Or do you just want to put up a “Website Under Construction” banner on your domain? You’ve come to the right place. Just fill out our Snapweb form after selecting your design and we’ll get something relevant to your business set up for you.

Ideal For: All Businesses


As the name suggests, this design is as clean as it gets. It’s fresh and contemporary design coupled with a transparent menu bar makes sure that your viewing experience is not hampered at all. Pristine was designed keeping Home Re-Modeling in mind. It’s a very spacious theme that will not restrict you from showcasing a home or even the entire neighborhood.

Ideal For: Real Estate, Home Resellers


If you’ve got a professional service, this theme is for you. With a plethora of pictures and service options, Appeal is a design that is extremely versatile and is bound to visually appeal to all of your website visitors.

Ideal for: Law Firms/Lawyers, Professional Services


With a very dynamic layout, Modernize is perfect for businesses that are looking to redo/sell contemporary homes. Plus, the minimal design and unique Schedule an Appointment tabs make this a must have for anyone who wants potential customers reaching out to them.

Ideal for: Home Remodeling, Real Estate, Medium Sized Businesses


Specifically designed for small businesses, Finesse really puts you out there so that your services at offer are always in sight. You simply cannot go wrong with this design if you’re a budding business.

Ideal for: Small Businesses & Multi Service Businesses


If you like to rock it out with your band, or help in arranging their events – the Showstopper does both. Showcase your concerts/events and help your self get booked with this dynamic design that really lets you put yourself out there

Ideal for: Event Companies, Musicians, Bands


It’s bold – and if that’s your style, then this is exactly the design for you. Groove was created keeping in mind both up and coming artists and icons. So, if that clicks then Groove was meant to be for you. Create a mailing list through Groove and keep the rhythm of your music alive through your subscribers.

Ideal For: Musicians, Artists & Designers


If you’re looking for a design to showcase your fashion line, then this is the one! Showcase lets your visitors explore your designs and makes it easier for them to make the right choice.

Ideal for: Fashion Designers, Bloggers, Story Tellers

Mind & Body

Give your gym/yoga studio/fitness center the energy it deserves through our Mind & Body design. Specifically designed to display the variety of services at offer – this versatile theme is as fit as it gets.

Ideal For: Gym, Yoga Studio, Personal Trainers & Fitness Centers


Create a beautiful visual summary of your work with Aesthetic. Showcase your work, your company and court your clients – this design will do it all for an agency or a designer. Simply put, Aesthetic really stands true to its name.

Ideal For: Designers, Artists & Agencies


Bring your idea into the limelight through our StartUp design. It’s clean cut design is great for highlighting features and bringing out the uniqueness in your idea. StartUp was specifically designed for Tech, Applications and Software.

Ideal For: StartUps & Tech Companies


Make your message standout with this dynamic design that all about sharing a story through attractive visual. Whether you’re a explorer, a blogger or both – Wanderlust let’s your stories soar and gives them the look and feel they deserve.

Ideal For: Bloggers, Travel Agencies and Photographers


If you’re into the Hospitality industry (vacations, hotels e.t.c) – the Concierge theme should make you feel right at home.

Ideal For: Small Hotels, Travel, Tourism and Resorts


Just started your very own transport company and want to show what you’re all about? Whether it’s your services, vehicles, or why you stand out from the rest of the crowd – the Carrier is a design that is meant to go the distance.

Ideal For: Transport Company, Transport Services


It’s clean and contemporary. This design is meant to radiate a sense of wellness that is supported by the spaciousness available on the website. Promote your services/treatments and show how happy your customers are with your service through meaningful testimonials that are bound to make you stand out.

Ideal For: Medical Professionals and Professional businesses


Got an occasion that you want all your friends and family to know about? Get them to RSVP to your event and give them a little sneak peak to what they can expect at your party. This is the best invite you’ll ever need for all your events!

Ideal For: Events, Weddings, Birthday Parties


Create a beautiful online presence for your Non-Profit via the Community theme. It’s perfect for letting them interact with you and supports features such as Donations via Paypal and helping them sign up for your regular e-mailers. Spread your message through this simple yet elegant design that really does all the talking for you.

Ideal For: NGOs, Community Service & Churches


Tantalizing images – a beautifully showcased menu and a user experience like no other. We’ve taken the 3 main ingredients needed to create a beautiful Café website and turned it into our very own design. This versatile design is suited for all types of restaurants and cafes.

Ideal For: Cafes, Restaurants & Chefs


Designed keeping everyday Pets in mind, this design is as warm and friendly as a man’s best friend. With a variety of options, you can showcase your services or sell the most wholesome and healthy treats for pets.

Ideal For: Pet Stores, Pet Food, Dog Walkers and Pet Enthusiasts


This design was created keeping in mind new business owners. If you’ve recently launched a company that needs to showcase their services and wants potential clients to contact them via their site – this is for you.

Ideal For: New Business Owners


If you’ve recently opened up a Tuition Service or are part of the education industry, this design should fulfill all your requirements. Whether it’s a notice that you want to share with your students or display your offered programs with the utmost detail – we can do it all for you in this design.

Ideal For: Tutors, Teachers, Universities & Schools


It’s fun, it’s fresh and it’s happening. A very cool design that can be adapted for a variety of businesses. Modern is one of our most commonly used designs and is especially recommended for businesses that have a persona as similar as the design itself.

Ideal For: Contemporary Businesses

One Pager

It’s short but it’s precise. If you want a website that’s not going to be very detailed and has all the information on the first and only page of your site, the One Pager will definitely fulfill all your requirements.

Ideal For: Artists, New Businesses, Portfolios

Real Estate

The perfect design to showcase homes for sale. The real estate theme was created keeping in mind the needs of beginners in this industry. It’s clean, visually appealing and allows visitors to navigate with ease.

Ideal For: Realtors, Real Estate


Created for Health professionals and companies, this design can be easily adjusted to meet your website requirements. If you’re running a clinic that is looking to increase footfall or a health professional who wants to display their specialization, this design works for both.

Ideal For: All Medical Professionals, Clinics and Hospitals


Architect design provides you with the perfect foundation to kickstart your Architectural Firm with ease. Even, if you’re going solo, this design is perfect for showcasing your Projects, sharing relevant content via News and Press section and even allowing potential clients to reach out to you via your site.

Ideal For: Contemporary Businesses

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