Importance Of Responsive Web Design To Boost
SEO Ranking

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We are living in a digital era where everybody owns a mobile or any other smart device. Thus, no matter what your business is all about, you need to build a SEO friendly website that works best on all devices.

Responsive web design is the need now, because plenty of potential consumers might be browsing your site using mobile phones or tabs.

However, responsive web design is no longer an option or innovation. Instead, it has become a standard component of any SEO plan, regardless of industry.

Why Do You Need A Responsive Web Design For Better SEO Ranking?

Google is built for online searchers’ convenience. In a world where searchers are accessing the web via mobile devices, Google is acting accordingly by favoring sites that meet the needs of their users. In short, Google will rank those websites higher that are specifically optimized for mobile and smartphone devices. And these websites are typically the ones that own a mobile responsive design.

If you aren’t reaping the Search Engine Optimization rewards by upgrading to a mobile-friendly web design, here are three main reasons why you should make a move now.

Enhanced Website Usability

If visitors can’t easily navigate your website, it’s obvious that they will not stick around for long.

Google finds “time spent on page” as a primary indicator of a website’s value for any given query. Responsive web design can make your website easy to read and navigable for visitors. It will result in an improved user experience and increased time spent on site.

To make mobile-friendly sites, perfectly planned responsive website design is necessary. If you are in need of a business website, consult website design platforms instead of website builders. These platforms create incredible responsive web designs, as they have experienced web designers, developers, and managers who plan out smart strategies to execute beautiful and user-friendly websites.

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Faster Page Load Time

There is nothing more irritating for internet users than a website that takes too long to load. In fact, slow web page loading can lose you visitors and potential leads.

Loading time is an established and known ranking factor. And over the years, Google has been delivering a consistent message that fast-loading websites get better ranking in search results. Therefore, it is essential that your website pages should be completely optimised.

Mobile responsive websites ordinarily load faster, resulting in a positive user experience as well as a great boost in ranking. This is one of the many reasons why Google recommends using responsive web design.

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Decrease in Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is counted depending on two major factors. Your visitors may bounce back from the site when they see irrelevant content. Another reason is a poor web design that will instantly prevent visitors to look further into web pages.

Therefore, the relevancy and uniqueness of content is always an important factor of a successful website. Your content should be concise, clean, and unique to grab customers’ attention and make them stay on your web pages.

To keep your web design impressive and interactive, take help from web design platforms that can design a responsive business website. Your website’s appearance must be clean, simple, and undistracted.

Over to You!

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